Twitch no me deja registrarme [3 Easy Solutions]

  • Some users have reported that Twitch does not allow them to register, and various causes may be responsible for this.
  • To fix this problem easily, you need to make sure that you have entered the correct credentials.
  • Another effective solution is to try to access the application in incognito mode.
  • If Twitch does not allow you to sign up, we suggest using a dedicated browser for streaming shows.

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Twitch won’t let you sign up? Make sure to read this article completely as it is dedicated to you.

This application is, apart from YouTube, the most visited streaming platform at the moment. Just like YouTube, you can enjoy content without signing up for the service and skipping account creation.

However, to be an active participant, you need an account. And the most avid followers (a good part of the 15 million daily viewers) want to join the community.

The only problem? Some of them fail to register for the service after several attempts. In most cases, the error message Twitch is not eligible to create an account appears on the screen.

Fortunately, there is a solution to every problem. So start with the troubleshooting steps we have provided below and hopefully we will fix the issue in question.

Why won’t Twitch let me log in?

  • Bad ID treat – One of the most common causes of our problem is entering the wrong credentials. Plus, there are a few other things to consider when logging in, and you’ll find out about them a bit later.
  • temporary errors – In this case, you should try to access Twitch from an incognito mode. We’ll show you how to do it, so be sure to keep reading.
  • browser related Issues: If Twitch won’t allow you to log in, your browser may be having issues. In order to stop worrying about this issue, we suggest using a dedicated browser designed for streaming apps.

Quick advice:

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As the name suggests, this browser is optimized for gaming fans and is characterized by a lot of customization options, unusual sound effects and the integration of various handy plugins.

Opera GX

Fully compatible with Twitch, thanks to the integration of this beloved live streaming portal.

What can I do if Twitch won’t let me log in?

1. Make sure you enter the correct credentials

Let’s start with the basics. To register on the Twitch streaming platform, your age must be over 13 years old and the username must be less than 25 characters.

Check the captcha box again. If the app tells you that the username is taken (although it obviously isn’t sometimes), close the app and try again after a while.

You can also try creating an account for Curse and connecting with it on Twitch. television platform

If you still can’t sign up for Twitch, even though you’ve done everything we’ve listed above and don’t have a Curse account, continue with the steps below.

2. Try incognito mode

  1. press the the Windows password, write your browser namethen open the first result (In this case we will present the Chromium treat).
  2. Click on the 3-point menu/burger in the upper right corner of the browser page.
  3. Select New incognito window (New InPrivate window for microsoft edge).
  4. navigate to the Twitch registration site.
  5. enter your identifiers.
  6. Confirm the account with your email address.

Other than minor bugs that can cause this issue, we are more concerned about your browser compatibility.

Affected users who dealt with the registry issue changed the browser they were using and this apparently fixed the problem.

What other Twitch issues can I find?

Because it’s always important to be aware of the most common issues you may face while using Twitch, we’ve decided to bring you a helpful list:

  • Unable to change username – Many users reported that Twitch won’t change usernames and it can be quite annoying. If this ever happens to you, be sure to check out our dedicated solutions to easily fix it.
  • Application cannot load in some browsers – It seems that Twitch is not loading in browsers like Chrome or Firefox. Most often, this problem occurs when cookies, cache or malware blocks the application.
  • cat problems – Another reported issue is Twitch chat not loading/connecting. In case you face it, we have compiled a series of methods to solve it in minutes.

That said, we can conclude this article. Remember to check the status of Twitch and wait a bit because it could be a temporary stagnation.

For any questions or additional curiosity, do not hesitate to leave a comment in the section below.

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