¿Tu teléfono no se conecta a WhatsApp Web? aquí está la solución

  • WhatsApp Web gives you simultaneous access to your account on your phone, tablet or computer.
  • Some users have claimed that whatsapp web not connecting and they need to do some thingsPreliminary checks to resolve this issue.
  • If web.whatsapp.com refused to connect, you can switch to another browser found in this article and enjoy its features.
  • Also if web.whatsapp.com closed the connection unexpectedly, please try to fix the cactive Wi-Fi hotspots by following the steps below.

Try Opera, a browser with several features already built-in:An amazing browser like Opera already has most of the features under the hood. Here is what is included by default:

  • Built-in VPN to help you browse safely
  • Built-in ad blocker mode to load pages faster
  • Facebook and WhatsApp Messenger included
  • Customizable user interface with dark mode
  • Battery saver mode, unit converter, snapshot tool, newsfeed, cross-device sync and more
  • Download Opera

This is especially true if you work on your PC or laptop and don’t want to worry about always checking your phone to see who has messaged or replied to your text.

However, you will not be able to enjoy this service if your phone is not connected to whatsapp website.

Phone and computer connection issues are the two main reasons why you cannot send or receive messages on WhatsApp Web.

For phone, your session is an extension of the messaging client, so WhatsApp Web connects to your phone to sync messages so you can see them on both devices.

So, to use WhatsApp Web, you need an active account on your smartphone, but if you can’t log in on your phone, Web won’t work either.

If this problem persists, there may be a connection problem on your computer.

We’ve listed some solutions to help you fix the problem, so you can get back to convenient messaging, so read on!

Quick advice:

Access the WhatsApp web using a browser with specialized support for the messenger, such as Opera. It has pre-installed WhatsApp integration, you just need to add your credentials.

Moreover, it is available on all major platforms, so you can access the WhatsApp web from virtually any device. You receive non-intrusive notifications about new messages and can reply instantly, without having to open a new tab.


Stay connected with your peers using this fast browser with quick access to messengers and social networks!

What can I do if my phone won’t connect to WhatsApp Web?

1. Preliminary checks

  1. press the three-point menu icon.
  2. Select Log out.
  3. Follow the onscreen instructions to reconnect.

Before trying the solutions below, you should make sure that you have a strong and stable internet connection on both your phone and your computer to use WhatsApp Web.

Usually, if the connection is broken, there will be a yellow bar at the top of the chat list saying «computer not connected», so check if the connection is established.

Expert tip: Some PC issues are hard to fix, especially when it comes to corrupt repositories or missing Windows files. If you are having difficulty correcting an error, your system may be partially damaged. We recommend that you install Restoro, a tool that will analyze your machine and identify what is wrong.
Click here to download and start repairing.

If this persists, refresh the page or log out and log back in to reactivate your web session.

Make sure you have the latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari or Microsoft Edge browsers to use the service. Internet Explorer is not supported.

Check if you are on a managed Wi-Fi network such as your office or school/university, as the network may be configured to block or limit WhatsApp web connections.

You can ask your network administrator to forward traffic to web.whatsapp.com, *.web.whatsapp.com and *.whatsapp.net.

2. Troubleshoot connection issues on Windows Phones

  • Restart your phone or turn it off and on again.
  • Update WhatsApp to the latest available version of Microsoft Store.
  • Open your phone’s settings, then tap Network and wirelessand play Airplane mode. Toggle airplane mode on and off, turn mobile data on and/or turn Wi-Fi on and off.
  • Try connecting to different Wi-Fi hotspots.
  • Make sure Wi-Fi stays on during sleep mode.
  • Restart your Wi-Fi router.
  • Check with your mobile operator if there is a problem.
  • Visit the Microsoft website and confirm that the APN settings are correctly configured.
  • If you have a Windows Phone made by Nokia, download and use the Connection Setup app from the Microsoft Store.
  • Update your Windows Phone operating system to the latest version available for your model.
  • Contact your network administrator to troubleshoot Wi-Fi connection issues. This also applies if you’re on a public Wi-Fi network like your campus or business, and you have firewall restrictions.
  • Do not use it with proxies or VPNs as it may affect the connection.

To note: These steps also work with Android or iOS phones, but with subtle differences in settings.

If your phone is not connected to WhatsApp Web, there may be a problem with your internet connection or your phone settings. To resolve this issue, follow the recommendations above.

If your Windows 10 laptop is not recognizing your Lumia smartphone, follow the simple steps in our guide to fix the problem.

3. Fix tethered Wi-Fi access points

Sometimes, when your phone is not connected to WhatsApp Web, please check if there is a notification from WhatsApp that you may not be able to connect through a specific Wi-Fi connection.

If so, you may be on a tethered Wi-Fi network. These hotspots require you to log in before connecting to the Internet.

If you have such a connection, you can disconnect from it and then use your mobile data to connect to the Internet, or connect to the Wi-Fi network and access your home page.

If the problem persists even when connected, disconnect from Wi-Fi and forget the connection in Wi-Fi settings, or check with your network administrator to make sure you can connect through the Wi-Fi hotspot -Fi.

Please let us know if you were able to fix the issue or if you are having any specific issues by leaving a comment in the section below.

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