¿Quién derrotó a Androide 16?

Android 16 fought Cell but was defeated. At the Cell Games, 16 interfered with Gohan and Cell’s battle, and were later destroyed. All that was left of him was his head. Android 16 was still able to communicate with the Z-Warriors, but that ended once Cell stepped on his head, killing him instantly.

Goku fights against Android 16?

android 16 the desire to kill Goku persisted even after accepting earthlings in general, unable to go against his original programming. The idea of ​​killing this plan would serve as his deciding factor, as it did when Android 17 and Krillin suggested it.

Who killed Android 19?

They killed him when Trunks and Son Goten he blasted him with an energy blast down the alley, leaving only his head again, which ironically was the same way he died the first time around.

Is Android 16 the most powerful?

Surely more powerful than 17 and 18, Android 16 is canonically superior to Android 13, and is apparently close to the same power level as Imperfect Cell, which he manages to defeat. Unfortunately, despite his superior strength, Cell would eventually gain the upper hand after transforming and decapitating 16.

Does the cell phone kill 17?

«16 Rips Cell’s Tail»: When Cell absorbs Android 17. «Cell transform– When Cell assumes his semi-perfect form. «Ginyu Transformation»: After Cell reaches his semi-perfect form after absorbing Android 17. «Ginyu Transformation»: When Cell destroys Android 16’s head.

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