Los 5 mejores navegadores para Peacock TV compatibles en 2022

  • NBCUniversal’s Peacock TV is one of the amazing streaming service platforms that has created a breakthrough in today’s market.
  • To view content on Peacock, you have two options: you can download the Peacock app or stream Peacock in a web browser.
  • Chrome is the father of fast modern browsers and is also the best for streaming.

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by NBCUniversal peacock tv it is one of the amazing streaming service platforms that has created a breakthrough in today’s market. To view content on Peacock, you have two options: you can download the Peacock app or stream Peacock in a web browser.

Many claim it’s even better and cheaper than Netflix. You can watch classic TV shows, popular movies, sports, news and other interesting content. Also, it has launched a free streaming option which is not available on other competitors.

In this article, we are going to explore the best browsers that can give you an enjoyable viewing experience.

What device does Peacock support?

NBCU’s Peacock was initially a service available only to Xfinity X1 and Flex Comcast customers, later expanded to many devices.

These devices are iOS, Apple TV, Amazon, PlayStation, Roku, and Apple TV HD. Android, including Android TV and Chromecast. Xbox One S, Xbox One X and PS4. Vizio Smartcast, etc. Peacock is available on a variety of devices.

Which browser is best for streaming?

After conducting a survey on which browser works best for streaming, we found that Google Chrome is the best choice for streaming. Although Peacock TV is also compatible with others, the Chrome browser eclipses the overall performance.

What are the best browsers for Peacock?

It’s safe to say that Chrome is the father of modern, fast browsers. Indeed, most of them, with very few exceptions, are based on their open source Chromium engine.

Chromium offers a minimalist interface suitable for Peacock TV. Moreover, it is a browser for all devices as it is available on platforms like macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android and of course Chrome OS.

It has the largest extension store of any browser, which can be used to extend its functionality as a browser for Peacock TV streaming.

get chrome

Microsoft Edge is the built-in browser for Windows PCs, and it’s no surprise that it’s the best browser for Windows devices. It’s a completely different company from its predecessor: Internet Explorer.

Since switching to the Chromium engine, it has consistently ranked among the fastest browsers. Since speed is essential to enjoy streaming, this browser is also considered suitable for Peacock TV.

Get Microsoft Edge

Firefox has been around for a long time and was one of the most popular browsers before Chrome and others took over. No wonder it supports the browser on all devices, from Windows and macOS to Linux, iOS and Android.

Firefox has always been fast, but it’s taken things to another level since its Quantum update. This update has brought it to an incredible level of speed, making it a recommended browser for streaming Peacock TV.

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get firefox

Safari is a browser optimized for Mac and iOS devices. It has a simple design that you can customize to some extent.

Thanks to its non-stacked design, it’s one of the fastest browsers currently available for streaming. In addition, it is compatible with Chrome extensions. This allows you to expand its functionality as you wish.

Finally, Safari is only available on Apple devices. It used to be a Windows thing, but it has been officially discontinued since 2012.

Other cool features:

  • Offers a confidentiality report.
  • Has tab preview feature
  • Works with extensions

Get Safari

If you are looking for a browser to stream Peacock TV with privacy and security assured on all devices, Brave web browser has everything you want. It has an application with a simple but well provided interface.

Moreover, it has other security features such as fingerprint protection and updating website connections to HTTPS. Finally, it uses few system resources.

Other Features:

  • Fast and safe
  • Brave rewards for earning tokens
  • search by tab

to be brave

Why can’t I have Peacock on my TV?

It’s probably because you still need to connect your streaming device to your TV. Make sure your Google Home app is installed on your mobile device. The Google Home app is available on the iTunes Store and Google Play Store.

Make sure your Chromecast device is connected to your TV. Make sure the Chromecast device and your casting device are connected to the same Wi-Fi network.

How do I install Peacock on my smart TV?

To get Peacock TV on any of these smart TVs, just go to your TV app storethen search and download the app.

The best browsers for all devices should offer a wide range of compatibility across all major platforms. We’ve shown a list that includes individual browsers and how they fit your Peacock TV.

Want a more simplified list like the best lightweight browsers for Windows PC? So, be sure to check out our guide for the best options to choose from.

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