Los 3 mejores navegadores para ver los programas de TV de Globoplay

  • Globoplay is a Brazilian streaming service that offers some of the best shows in the country.
  • The service is available internationally through an app version and a web browser.
  • This guide will show the best browsers to watch Globoplay.


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Globoplay is a lesser-known video-on-demand streaming service that specializes in Brazilian content. The country has its fair share of quality content, from comedies to dramas and even reality shows.

Globoplay works in all browsers, but some work better than others. Some browsers offer features that enhance the viewing experience. And this guide will show you the three best browsers for Globoplay.

Is Globoplay international?

Yes, Globoplay is available in a wide variety of countries around the world. Obviously, the service is available in Portugal and Brazil. Other than that, you can watch it if you live in the US, Italy, Germany, Spain, UK, etc. It’s also available as part of a bundle with SlingTV.

SlingTV, known simply as Sling, is a budget streaming service that bundles notable cable channels into one great service. It’s basically a cheaper version of cable TV.

Some of the channels that Sling integrates include international channels such as Globoplay for wider support. However, Sling is only available in the United States and Puerto Rico.

That said, this guide will show you the best browsers for Globoplay. We’ll even mention browsers that have unique support for Sling.

What are the best browsers for Globoplay?

1. Opera: fast and reliable transmission

Starting the list is the Opera web browser and it’s here for one reason in particular: it’s VPN. You see, Opera actually comes with a free VPN for desktop and Android. It’s secure and you don’t even need to log in to use it.

It does not collect data about your activity or any type of personal information. The VPN ensures that your IP address is hidden at all times. Using a VPN is the best way to access Globoplay.

If the service is not available in your country, Opera VPN can bypass this restriction. Other VPNs like Nord and Surfshark work, but you have to pay for them. VPN aside, Opera is still a great browser.

One of the best features of Opera is its ability to support Chrome extensions to further enhance your browsing experience. There aren’t many GloboPlay extensions, but we found one called GloboPlay TV.

It allows you to change your location based on certain Brazilian cities such as Rio De Janeiro and São Paulo so that you can view local content.

Additional Features

  • It comes with Tab Preview so you can see what’s on another tab without having to click on it.
  • Enable Quick Browsing with Opera Turbo
  • The browser integrates applications for music playback and social networks.


Get qualitative streaming results on GloboPlay TV using this featured browser with efficient VPN support.

of them. Edge – secure servers

The following entries are here due to their unique compatibility with SlingTV. if you remember, GloboPlay is on SlingTV as part of a bundle. The vast majority of browsers support SlingTV, but these two do it better.

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Concrete example, Microsoft Edge. This browser has come a long way since the days of Internet Explorer and is much better. Indeed, Edge now supports HTML, which allows the browser to support video and audio codecs.

This results in safe and high quality videos. And it supports Microsoft PlayReady to further enhance GlobloPlay to enable 4K resolution. Besides that, Edge does not consume much CPU resources.

This way, you can browse the Internet or do other things while watching something on GloboPlay. Be careful how many extensions you add to Edge, as this can slow down your computer.

To our knowledge, Edge does not have exclusive extensions for GloboPlay or SlingTV.

Additional Features

  • It has Edge SmartScreen to block phishing scams.
  • You can sync your browser settings to other devices.
  • You can put tabs to «sleep» to save CPU resources.

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3. Chromium – advanced streaming settings

The final, and perhaps best, entry on this list is Google Chrome. The reason Chrome integrates so well with GloboPlay is its extensive video playback support. It ensures that the videos load quickly and remain in high resolution.

In addition to this, users benefit from the huge library of plugins available in Google Chrome. In addition to GloboPlay TV mentioned in the Opera section, there are tons of third-party extensions.

One of the famous video extensions is Switch off the lights that make the page fade around a video to make it look like you’re watching a movie. It is highly rated with over a million users having downloaded and installed it on their copy of Chrome.

And if you have a Chromecast device connected to your TV, you can cast GloboPlay from your Chrome desktop to the screen for your enjoyment.

It is worth mentioning that Chrome consumes quite a lot of resources and you may experience slowdowns. If this happens, we recommend that you close all other tabs and windows.

Additional Features

  • For work, Chrome supports a variety of productivity features, such as organized tabs.
  • The browser has powerful password protection.
  • You can sync Chrome settings across multiple devices.

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